Monthly Archives: November 2017

Beware Collection Factory Methods

I saw an interesting tweet referencing a Github issue where the impact of including an (in my view) unnecessary implementation of the List interface impacted inlining decisions, causing 20x degradation in throughput. Guava’s ImmutableList is my favourite class to seek and destroy because of the way it is often used – it tends to be

Bit Twiddling Blog Posts

This is a list of blog posts to read if you like bit twiddling and some basic maths. I would like to improve this list over time – if you have a post similar to these please provide a link in the comments. Table of basic reversible integer operations – Marc B. Reynolds looks at

Is XOR Distributive over Addition?

Google search console has become a thing of mild interest to me since I moved my website and Google forgot about my content. Impressions – search terms that match your site but don’t lead to a click – are full of fascinating false positives. I looked at some of my impressions. These search terms are:

Incidental Similarity

I recently saw an interesting class, BitVector, in Apache Arrow, which represents a column of bits, providing minimal or zero copy distribution. The implementation is similar to a bitset but backed by a byte[] rather than a long[]. Given the coincidental similarity in implementation, it’s tempting to look at this, extend its interface and try